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Wilhelmina Stich is the pseudonym of Ruth Collie (nee Cohen). Little is known about this writer in either of her guises. The artist Howard Coster found her sufficiently interesting to produce portraits of her which can now be found in the UK National Portrait Gallery.


Said she, ‘I will not live with grief from morrow unto morrow;
My heart cries out for some relief, Good-bye, my little sorrow.’
She closed the windows of her home and pulled down every blind.
‘I’m going forth,’ she cried, ‘to roam. You, Grief, can stay behind.’

‘And I’ll be gone the livelong day, expect me back to-night.’
Grief wanly watched her go away into the warmth and light;
with quickened step and brightened eyes she mingled with the throng.
Instead of pale Grief’s moans and sighs she heard Endeavour’s song.

She saw a sister, crossed the road and asked her how she fared:
then helped to lift her heavy load and in the burden shared.
Throughout the day Self was suppressed whilst Service took its place.
When she returned at night to rest – of Grief there was no trace!

But Joy stepped forth and sweetly said,
‘May I now be your friend instead?‘

Written by Wilhelmina Stitch

Note: I just found this online, and I really liked it. I sent it to my aunt Molly – her sister (Aunt Lois) died recently

Christina: October 20, 2007