Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Terry D. Sutherland


Terry, a Vietnam Veteran, is employed as a University Archivist. He lives in Montana with his family and enjoys history, writing, fishing, boating, and shooting.


I remember the days of postage "FREE"
Of perfumed letters you sent
Pictures of you and family
Sometimes a way for you to vent

Your letters didn't come too often
For a soldier stuck in war
Most letters were meant to soften
When the distance was so far

I never ever revealed
The things we really did
I only wrote of you and sealed
The terror that we hid

I'm thankful now you persevered
And wrote me the whole time I was there
You eased the pain and eased the fear
And insured me that you cared

©Copyright September 21, 2007 by Terry D. Sutherland

This poem was inspired by, My Mailbox and Me
©Copyright 1998/2007 by Christina