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Lance Corporal - E3
United States Marine Corps - Regular
20 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Nov 22, 1946
From San Antonio, Texas
Casualty was on May 14, 1967 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam
Ground Casualty, Gunshot, Hostile small arms fire
Body was recovered
Religion: Roman Catholic

The Wall: Panel 19E: Line 123

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This poem was written by the 20 year old Lance Corporal on May 13th, 1967. The poem was sealed in an envelope and sent home. The following morning, a few hours after he had written the poem, Greg was killed in a CAC unit that was overrun by Sappers and NVA regulars in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam.


You sit at home and watch TV,
And sip a glass of icy tea.
The news comes on and then you hear
The All-Star game is drawing near.
Then you see a far-off land
Where men are dying in the sand.
Forget the guy across the sea,
He's far away and doesn't concern me.
He's waging a war
To keep the fight from your door.
Do you realize what he'll do ?
Like giving up his life for you.
Yet he asks nothing in return,
So you can stay in school and learn.
The college crowd thinks he is a fool,
That's what makes him hard and cruel.
Some will be heroes because they're brave,
Others will earn an earthen grave.
You'll spot him as he passes by,
There is a sad, but proud look in his eye.
He's the world's best war machine - -
He's a United States Marine.

Written May 13, 1967 by Gregory J. Vandewalle