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Dear Christina,

How nice to her from you and you have touched a nerve!! Although my main interest and work is now in mining history I have a great interest in WW1. All stems from my grandfather who went form 1914-18 as a gunner on the Western front and survived to spend all his working days down the pit.

As regards mining with your Welsh connections I am sure that you would find the 1842 reports on S Wales fascinating. It is not the hard sell but look at the contents on my site. The documents give a vivid picture of life and work in the 1840's in S Wales.

I have visited the WW1 Flanders and Somme battlefields and acted a guide on occasions. The enormity of the wanton waste and destruction of life always gets through to me and moves me to tears. They are places that everyone should visit, particularly our present political masters!

[Attached] are some of my 'mining' poems and some jottings that I have made about France and Belgium on my visits. Do with them what you will, just mention me! And just to show what a sentimental old fool I am I enclose a very personal poem on the loss of my Springer spaniel years ago.